General Elections 2014 bringing radio campaigns out of snooze mode

Political parties are trying to woo its supporters using all kinds of tactics.  From taking on social media with a vengeance with innovative jokes and skits on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to television commercials and huge billboards which show the prominent lotus or the larger-than life palm.  The politicians are leaving no stone unturned in their battle to fight for winning the general elections this year.  However, amongst these modern medium of communication- the radio, too has found its way into the limelight as it has been reinvented with attractive catchy jungles and ads.

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A vast majority of our population, which is nearly 158 million, listen to the radio and out of that populace; nearly 106 million listen to FM radio stations.  The prime time slots that are normally the 7-11 am and 5-9 pm slots are now bombarded with ads and jungles in every break, which actually lead to truncation of the song being played!

“We provide strategic campaigning ideas to our clients. Along with designing the advertisement, we also look after the implementation and releasing part. If a national party wants to campaign in a local area, we suggest the effective use of the media there,” says Pankaj Sharma, Associate Vice President, I Broad 7 agency that produces radio ad content.


Right now, the agency is producing an official anthem for BJP’s Lok Sabha propaganda entitled Saugandh and it is currently trending the most.

These radio jingles cost nearly Rs. 1100 per ten seconds.  In fact, the Election Commission of India has roped in Red FM as its official partner for the general elections this year.


While the BJP and Congress are using various media for getting to their voters, the AAP on the other hand is using basic methodologies such as door-to-door campaigns and one on one interaction.

It has used various internet mediums of communicating to the masses and propagating its political stance on providing a ‘Corruption free India’.

On the other hand, the Congress has a special group of active Youth Congress activists who are using all modes of social media as well as television, radio and newspaper.

It seems, like all the political parties are clamouring for becoming the national favourite and are fully exploiting all mediums to their advantage.  The final verdict is yet to come; however, as of now all the parties have been instrumental of bringing radio to the forefront!

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