Politicians from strange/different walks of life

Politicians worldwide come from different occupations and lifestyles. Sometimes the backgrounds of people turned politicians are so weird that literally makes you think, how on this earth these people got into politics. An actor-becoming civil servant is a commonplace sight these days as Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clint Eastwood have run for public office and won. Even the most famed child star– Shirley Temple Black has served her country as White House Chief of Protocol for President Ford and as the US Ambassador for many years.


Apart from thespians turned politicians, there is a wide range of occupations, which many of the politicians belonged to before becoming politicians. Many people find it very weird and even mock at if some person from not so regular occupation becomes a political figure.

I pity those minds who fail to judge the true potential of a person and concentrate on such petty issues. To be a good politician your background does not matter, it is your knowledge and your worth to run the government that truly matters. Some of the politicians who had to face prejudice owing to their backgrounds are:


The Brazilian clown who became a popular Congressional Representative:

Francisco Everado Oliviera Silva, a dropout from school at the age of 9 had to join circus as a clown due to poverty. He succeeded in his life with his singing performances and later as a humorist on television.

In 2010, Brazilian Republic Party gave him an invitation to join National Congress. He won the elections and became one of the hardworking Congressmen in Brazil.


A porn star that became an important figure in the Italian Parliament:

Hungarian adult film star Ilona Staller (aka Cicciolina) served for five years in the Italian Parliament representing the aptly named Radical Party. She founded the “Party of Love” – with fellow porn star Moanna Pozzi – to fight for the legalization of brothels, the formation of “love parks” and better sex education.


Once a bartender turned politician:

We all know that Lincoln was a lawyer before he became America’s President. Before becoming a lawyer, Lincoln was once a bartender. In fact, he is the only president who was once a licensed bartender.


Astronaut, pilot and Senator:

John Glenn has played multiple roles to serve his country. During World War 2, Glenn was a pilot, and then he became an astronaut. Finally, he became a member of the Senate in 1974 and successfully served until 1999.

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Professional wrestler turned into Governor of Minnesota:

James George Janos had many names in the world of wrestling. His political career started in 1990, in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. He did not stand up for the second term and continued as a host of a talk show.

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