Great Ways to Make Your Writing Interesting to Read


Wondering what features make a good essay or any writing, for that matter? You can find a lot of writing advice about that on different internet resources such as, for example, TermPaper Help and others. Usually, people think about prominent characteristics of good writing as strong structure, original thinking, balanced arguments, perfect grammar and style, and more. But there is one more aspect that most guides fail to mention. A good paper should be interesting.

Your writing should keep your readers absorbed and make them want read more. A boring essay with a dull writing style risks losing your readers’ attention, even if your ideas are brilliant. A dull writing style can have a negative impact on the overall impression that your essay makes on the readers. Academic writing shouldn’t be boring, so there are plenty of useful things you can do to engage your readers. Let’ have a look at some of them.

Be Interested in the Subject of Your Writing


If you are passionate about the things that you are writing about, you will sound more lively and engaging and your writing is sure to reveal your enthusiasm. So it is usually easy to write about things you are interested in. But very often, you have to write about something that you don’t care.

Here are some steps you can take when writing about things that you don’t enjoy.

  • Change your mindset and try to convince yourself that there are no boring topics. You may try to look at the subject of your essay from a new angle and find some interesting, provocative or funny information about it. You may think about how your topic is related to the real world.
  • Think about your audience. There are people who may find the topic of your essay engaging. When writing, keep those fans in mind and write for them.
  • Find real fans of the subject of your essay. Visit forums, and find blogs posts and videos where your topic is discussed by people who have a genuine interest in it. In this way, you can get a different perspective on the subject and find it more inspiring.

Use the Active Voice

When you write in the active voice, you writing automatically become more interesting because active sentences are more direct and energetic and make your readers see a more vivid picture of what you are writing about. Unfortunately, a lot of students prefer to write in the passive voice just because they believe that, in this way, their writing looks more academic and intellectual. But the truth is that the passive voice makes their writing rather boring. Keep in mind that active sentences usually look more elegant and as a result, your writing is concise and pleasant to read.

Use Simple Language


Many students think that when they use a thesaurus and find rare or complicated words, their writing sounds more academic. But if you overuse sophisticated language, you have an opposite effect. Your writing will sound pompous and be difficult to read. Your readers will quickly lose interest. Always keep your writing simple and clear.

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