3 Ways planning ahead saves big money


Retailers and salespeople prey on people who aren’t prepared. When you don’t plan ahead, you’re much more likely to waste money and buy things you don’t need. If you don’t want to fall victim to these schemes, start implementing these three money-saving habits today.

Make a Grocery List and Plan Meals Before You Go Shopping


Never go to the grocery store without first making meal plans and a detailed list of everything you need. This planning will save you tons of money because you’ll buy only what’s on your list instead of spending money on all the extras that typically make their way into your shopping cart. A grocery list also makes your shopping trip go faster. This is good because the more time you spend at the store, the more money you’ll spend. If you’re looking for ways to trim spending, your grocery shopping habits should be visited first. When you plan ahead you’ll also have less food waste, which saves you additional money.

Carry Snacks Around With You


Make sure that your car, purse, or backpack is constantly stocked with snacks and drinks so you don’t spend money on these items when you’re out and about. That candy bar or soft drink in the checkout line looks a lot less appealing when you know you have snacks and drinks waiting for you in the car. Drinks and snacks at the front of the store are marked up because stores know that people are more likely to buy them when they’re hungry and in a hurry. If you buy things from the checkout aisle, you are almost always wasting money. Plus, the options are unhealthy most of the time. Carrying snacks is an easy habit to implement in your life, and it can save you a ton of money.

Perform Routine Maintenance on Cars and Appliances

Maintain your Car

With proper maintenance, appliances don’t break down as frequently and they last longer. This is also true of cars. You should take your car in for scheduled maintenance and get the oil changed every few thousand miles. An HVAC maintenance plan can also save you a lot of money. A technician can spot and fix problems with your HVAC and other appliances before they become serious and costly. A maintenance plan covers more than changing your air filter, and the upfront cost is minimal. It’s never fun to pay for appliances when they break down, but if you plan ahead you can avoid a lot of the cost.

Planning is usually the best way to save money, but watch out for spending massive amounts of money on items you don’t have space to store or that will expire before you get around to using them. Just because you can save money by buying in bulk doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. Plan ahead, but use your head. You’re sure to save big money when you take the time to plan.

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