Gujarati’s and their food – Why their dhokla is over hyped?

Gujarat is an Indian state which serves mostly vegetarian cuisine due to the religious influence of the place. Gujarat is mainly dominated by the Jains and Hindus who are mostly vegetarian in their diet.

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Gujarati food consists of mostly typical dishes and common ones except a few. The typical Gujarati Thali consists of Roti, Dal or Kadhi, Rice and Sabzi (a dish prepared from mixing various kinds of vegetables together with a touch of spices to flavour it up). The Gujarati cuisine is mostly vegetables based and hence it changes with the seasonal availability of the vegetables. Most of the dishes comprise of steamed cooked vegetables chopped into small pieces mixed with different kinds of dals and spices. Ingredients like salt, lime, sugar, tomato are very much widely used to prevent dehydration since Gujarat experiences temperatures upto 50 degree Celsius in the shade. It is customary to add little sugar or jiggery to most of the vegetarian dishes to slightly neutralize the bland taste of the vegetables.

Gujarati’s have typical food recipes under their sleeve also like the Dhokla. In India Dhokla van be found almost everywhere with its origin in Gujarat. From Bengal in the east, to Delhi in the North, and even in South Indian states also serve Dhokla on their menu. Dhokla is such a recipe which can be prepared with much ease without much hassle. It can be found almost everywhere like street stalls, food corners, small restaurants, and even in expensive restaurants as well. The type of serving may be different but the main item is always the same.
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With its origin from Gujarat it is obvious that it is a vegetarian dish which is made from with fermented batter obtained from rice and chickpea splits. It can be eaten at any time of the day. It is can be eaten as a main course or a side dish. Most sweet shops all over Gujarat or Gujarati sweet shops in other places will serve Dhokla.

It is not much difficult to prepare but the process is not quite costly and the ingredients can be obtained from anywhere, i.e. –they are easily available. Since, the process and ingredients are not so costly the product is available at a comparative low cost which makes it a possible for all sections of people to purchase it. But it is too much over hyped because it makes for a tasty snack with less pinch for the pocket but the makers get a good name for it while it is not at all difficult to prepare.

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