Hate your date? Here’s how to walk off

All of us reach at a point where you know you just aren’t going to go ahead and date this particular person. Even if you die alone, you don’t want to be this specimen who you have agreed to go on a date with. You are annoyed as hell and want to walk out of the hell hole you just walked into. Here are a few tips that will help you do so –


Stick it Out

Alright, maybe you don’t give them a call back but it isn’t always necessary to be outright rude on anyone’s face. Hence, if possible, stay back for until the date gets over on the very first day. Let them drop you home and politely tell them that you are not interested. This is the most decent way of walking out of a date. However, some people are so pathetic that they don’t deserve decency. In such cases, desperate measures are called for. For instance –

Spill the drink

Spill the Drink

Spill the drink and pretend like it has fallen on your dress. Excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and never return. Obviously, you cannot keep the guy waiting on the table. So, leave him a note, tell the waitress or just send him a text message after you have left. Make sure, you haven’t ordered any food before you get into all of this. For, otherwise, the guy will have to pay the bills unnecessarily without having chomped on as much food.

Just go to the Loo

Just go to the Loo

Excuse yourself and say that you are going to the loo. Obviously, you don’t return. Once again, don’t order food and let the guy know that you aren’t interested. There is a good chance that you are going to be followed or harassed after you do this. Hence, execute your plan as carefully as possible and as less dangerously as possible.

dropping girl at home

Say it Straight

Some people need to be told straight on the face that you aren’t interested if they don’t take the hint. Hence, let them know that you wouldn’t like to date them and if they could please drop you home. Honesty is appreciated all the time and if you think, the other person is being rejected for no fault of theirs, let them know as politely as possible.

It is never easy to walk off from a date but some things just need to be done.






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