HexArmor Glove Awarded British Demolition Awards

HexArmor Glove Awarded British Demolition Awards

Founded in 2004 and part of Uvex Group, they specialize in hand protection and specifically cut and needle resistant gloves.

HexArmor employs more than 150 people and the award was given for their fluid-injection resistant gloves.

The research, development and ultimately manufacture of high quality ultra-high cut resistant gloves that protect people from abrasions, punctures and most highly dangerous environments and eventuality.

Gloves n Stuff stock the full range of HexArmor safety gloves and provide genuine knowledge about the technical capabilities of each glove model and offer great pricing.  So, as a proud supplier of these hand protection items, we would like to congratulate them for helping so many employees across the UK and keeping them safe in so many industrial & dangerous situations.

Our clients particularly like the HexArmor gloves because of the freedom and flexibility the materials bring alongside the ultra-high cut and needle resistant qualities.

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