Highest Violence against Women in Punjab

The highest incidence of violence against women in Pakistan, in the year 2008, has been reported in the Punjab province. In a news report, published in the English daily The Frontier Post (February 18, 2009), the famous non-governmental organization Aurat Foundation was reported to have released its annual report on violence against women in Pakistan, on Tuesday, February 17, 2009. Of a total of 7733 cases of violence against women in the country, in 2008, 4360 (56%) were reported in Punjab. 498741 people traditions lahore OPuPp 17659

By the statistics released in the report, Sindh province had the second highest incidence of violence against women (1385) followed by NWFP (1013), and lastly Baluchistan (763). The report revealed various kinds of physical violence against women including abduction, rape, physical torture, attempted murder, murder, and honor killing etc. The incidence of particular kinds of violence, however, varied in the provinces. The highest incidence of honor killings, for example, was reported in Sindh while that of rape in Punjab. On the whole, kidnapping/abduction was the most prevalent form of violence against women in the country.

The report mentioned that these reported cases of violence were just the tip of the iceberg as emotional torture of women is far more prevalent in the country. The aim of the report, according to the Aurat Foundation, is to identify the kind of violence committed against women and ultimately to assist in legal and political action for stopping violence against women in Pakistan.

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