No Love, But Sex Unlimited

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Incredible India! The tag sits true to its significance. Everything about India is mystical and enticing, yet certain things are hypocritical and hard to digest. On top of everything is the mammoth population, which should not have ever existed considering the strict vigilance that is kept by the hardcore Indian tradition upholders when it comes to friendship between the opposite sex.

Love and sex are two different things, although they are related. Majority of the Indian society do not approve friendship between the opposite sex, leave alone love marriages. But, when it comes to progenation, no nation can beat India. Men and women of marriageable age will be so coy to one another before marriage. Sex education is a big no; holding hands is a big no; condoms are still hushed about; illiteracy rate is enormous (although declining); but, sex is unlimited after marriage. The societies that are so averse to even a healthy friendship between the opposite sex are the pioneers in contributing to the mammoth population of India.

It seems Indians are expressive behind closed doors. Or maybe we wait for the right time for an unlimited experience after a social approval of an acceptable alliance. Avoiding any sort of unhealthy physical intimacy before marriage is good and I stand for it. The only thing that perturbs me is the disappearing act of the coyness and shyness that were predominant before marriage.

It takes feelings, guts, and boldness to come to a level of physical intimacy. Maybe it comes naturally and then habitually.
We are called to multiply. Let us multiply when we know that we can provide for the generation to come. Let us multiply knowing our responsibilities. Let every pleasure do not turn out as a nightmare, as a contention, as a regret, or as an unwanted pregnancy. Let us multiply and prosper.

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