How to deal with cart or basket anxiety and have fun shopping


Anxiety has no form; even the smallest thing can make a person feel anxious. The worst part of anxiety is that it can get triggered anywhere and anytime. The different types of trigger factors that make a person anxious can even be something as small as a grocery basket or shopping cart. People who suffer with cart or basket anxiety often have a tough time when they go out shopping.

The baseless fear of what people may think by looking at the items on their cart or basket often leads them to leave back things that are necessary. They feel that people may judge them on the things that they have on their cart or basket, which in turn makes them feel very anxious. To deal with such anxiety, it is very important that a person remember these few basic facts, which can also help them to deal with cart or basket anxiety.

There are judgmental people in this world


Whether you like it or not, there are people who will always judge you. You just have to accept the basic fact that people are judgmental and you can’t do anything to bring change in their thoughts or words.  The day you learn to accept this fact, half your battle is won on its own and you can start dealing with the anxiety problem yourself.

Develop the I don’t care attitude

When you start paying heed to what people say, things automatically start affecting you on a personal level. However, the minute you learn how to prioritize what is important and what is not, you will notice a change in the approach that you use. When you go out shopping, remember that you are buying for yourself and your family and not for the needs of others. This is why, it is essential to develop the ‘I do not care’ attitude.

Are the opinions of people so important to you?


In order to deal with this kind of anxiety, you need to question yourself as much as possible. Is the opinion of what people say so important to you? Are these people taking care of you and your family? If the answer is NO, then the simple fact is that what people think about you should not be important. People who have opinions about every small thing are often the ones who are never satisfied themselves. Why should you let anybody’s opinion matter to you so much?

Make a list and stick to it

Another perfect and simple way to deal with anxiety of this kind is by making a list of what you need and stick to it. You know for a fact that the stuff you buy is essential for your house, but when you make a list, you actually priorities the needs so that you get what is extremely important.


Learn how to deep breathe


Deep breathing is a perfect and natural way of calming the mind. When you are anxious, somewhere or the other your mind is restless. In order for you to gain control over your mind, it is essential that you should learn how to calm it down. When you practice deep breathing, it automatically helps in calming the mind, this will help you in learning how to control the way you think since you get the ability of focusing better.

Keep on motivating yourself

There is nothing better than self-motivation, the minute you learn this art, you will find a big difference in how you feel. While shopping use positive affirmations like I am doing fine, I do not care what people say, my family’s needs are important than the opinion of others etc. This will help you to deal with the anxiety in a very effective manner.

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