Why Triple Talak is not Religious or Political topic? Why it’s a human right. 

Triple Talak is not Religious or Political topic

In today’s society, human relationships have become very complex and have so many gaps that the basic meaning of the word relationship changes. While it takes two to get into a relationship, most of the time it is only one person who decide if the relationship has to end or not. Sometimes things go so bad, that even on an ending note it is done in the most disgraceful and disrespectful manner. The bottom line is that no law, no political influence and materialistic gains can make up for the time and emotions invested in a relationship.

Why is it that it takes two to get into a relationship but just one to break it.

How come today the whole essence of communication in relationship has whipped out so much that people refuse to go beyond their believes?

Practices made for the betterment of society is now a violation on human rights


For example, in many religions made for the betterment of society, a man was/is allowed to marry more than one woman under certain circumstances or situation. This was originally formed to give them  a support system and it was designed especially for the betterment and well-being of women. The formation of such practices had a lot to do with the equal rights of men and women.

Considering how today human relationships are, the whole essence of being in a relationship on its own has become a question mark. On top of it, practices like the Tripletalak or even Sati for that matter have destroyed the true rights of human lives. The emotional and mental pains that people go through in such cases have a long-term effect. Making a political or religious debate on this front cannot suffice the basic human rights that are violated.

Just because one person out of frustration wants to end the relationship, the question that arises here is what about the other person’s wish or wants.  Secondly, are relationships so easy to make or break without taking into consideration the actions and reactions. In order for a society to run, it is essential that men and women should be treated equally. When changes come into the picture, they are made keeping in mind the essence of human rights and not about any religious belief or the victory of a particular political party.

The trauma that women go through during the time of a divorce

domestic violence

Many a times, even during a divorce, women have certain rights, as per the laws of the land, for the well-being of their future. It just so happens that in the entire ordeal of the divorce, not only is she denied her basic rights, but even things that belong to her are not handed over. From frequent fights to domestic violence, not just while she is married, but even after she is out of it, a woman undergoes a lot of trauma and pain. To make it worse, the long and pain taking process while fighting for her rights takes an equal toll of her emotionally, mentally, physically as well as financially.

If you take a look at the various cases that have been reported by women who are victims of triple talak, you will find the most common thing in all of them is the violation of human rights. Not only do their husbands leave them against their will, but also the promises made during the time of the Nikha are never fulfilled. To top it up, she is also denied the rights to take what rightfully belongs to her of the things that her parents had given during the time of marriage. This is especially applicable in the cases where there is gold involved. All these practices and acts clearly point out to the injustice on women on every front.

A start of a new beginning

Gender equality

Human rights is not confined to religion or politics. Even if you take a deep look at the trauma that a woman undergoes in such a situation, nothing on a materialistic front can do any kind of justice. The fact that practices which violates the human rights all together are finally ending. This, on its own, is the first step that we can take for the betterment of society and gender equality. This is why, it is important that people should open their eyes and welcome a change that is not just beneficial for the present times but also for building a secure foundation for the future generations.

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