How To Get Rid Of A Chipkoo Girlfriend?

How often has it been that you fall in love and then the girl showers all the attention on you. Then, finally reality strikes and the girlfriend becomes a nightmare? Well, belonging the latest generation, this is one thing common to zillions out there. Add to this the woes of having a girlfriend who is a tear bag and considers you a dustbin! The chipkoo girlfriend is a horrible dream. She is all mushy and dedicated at the initial stages of romance but gets over your nerves when you just begin to trust her!


Now the tidbit here is to get rid of such a woman. Confidently, face her. Yes, confrontation is but essential. You need to make such girls realize that their extra possessiveness and their extra clingy nature is interference to your natural self. Also, this spells a signal that your relationship could be in danger. Merely telling her could set the premise and the kinds these girls are, it will not be long before she walks out of your life. These women are not meant to take in criticism!

Ask her to the bill some time- While men are not chauvinists always, even girls need not be dependent. We respect how the chipkoo girlfriend sticks to you but we also recollect how she has been getting you to pay the food bills always. Well, that is not right given that we all have come way past such foolish norms. But your stick on gal will not understand this. The day you ask her to cough up her share, she will prefer to make hue and cry, then walk out!

The last and best trick to get rid of the chipkoo girlfriend, is to ask her to leave you for a weekend getaway with your boy buddies. The fevicol kinda mentality that she houses will never let her accede to this. In the process, the tiff that could follow will be a liberating one. And essentially it could leave you free.

Even though it sounds mean, the normal guy often gets mad being with such girls, with due respect, we penned this piece to get them some piece of mind.

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