How to have a great rapport with your boss?

Maintaining a proper relationship with your boss or manager and with other colleagues is essential and crucial for your job. One thing always to remember is that you are in charge of your relationship with your boss. Nobody can help you in maintain the right equation with your boss except you. So , be sure that you take the right steps to create a healthy and strong relationship with your boss. Bosses are of different types, some are good ones, and some are bad ones while some are those people who remain unaware of what you need. So, managing with them is up to you. Each type of personality needs to treated in a different manner so that the positive side of the relationship comes into the focus .


Few guidelines:
– The prime and most important step is to have a healthy and positive relationship with your boss. Build up your boss’s trust in you. Keep to your commitments and always keep your boss informed about your work in the company. Communication on a daily basis with the boss is very important in building up a good relationship with your boss. It is not necessary that the communication should be only involving official conversations.

– You should understand the fact that working for your own goals won’t help you progress in the company unless you give importance and heed to the goals and need of your boss. You have to match your priorities and goals with the goals desired by your boss. Fulfilling the needs of your boss will bring you overall success.

– Another task is to focus and take in the positive aspects only. Each and every person has both negative and positive qualities; similarly your boss will have two different sides. So, it is up to you how you will look over the negative qualities and take in the positive ones. Your task is to support the boss in his times of need and to give a suggestion if he is need of one.
– You have to understand, learn, and interpret your boss’ mind and his feelings. Knowing what your boss likes and hates can be of great worth. You need to know what kind of a person he/she is and how you can approach him and at what time he is in his best spirits.

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