Unbelievable facts about sex you did not know..

Making love is an art which not only showcases you extreme passion towards the person you love but also conveys many suppressed emotions. It is this passion which brings you closer to each other and seals the bond of love between you and your partner.


Here are some interesting facts about sex-

Sex is not only a way of showing affection towards a person. It also acts as a great way of burning extra calories. If you have sex for one minute you actually burn around 26 calories. So indulge in sex and burn away calories at the same time. A quick romantic lip lock burns around 2- 3 calories whereas a French kiss will immediately burn more than 5 calories in an instant. Apart from the muscle of the mouth, sex involves the action of many different muscles . This is one of the intense forms of work out for the entire body

Sex prevents the signs of early ageing and keeps wrinkles away.. While having sex , the partners swap fluids which contains various types of minerals , fats as well as proteins. These enhance the production of antidotes thus preventing many diseases. Most pople enjoy the changing expressions of love on the face of their partner while they are being caressed.


It is been proved scientifically that the human body is almost 200 times more sensitive in comparison to most other species.

There are various different types of things found in the human semen. It contains about thirty different things . It contains nitrogen, Lactic acid , fructose and a little bit of citric acid as well.

Eating chocolate has often been compared to be as good as having sex. This is because chocolate especially the darker ones contain certain chemicals which tend to have the same effect on the brain that chocolate has.

Sex is known to reduce body fat by burning at least 500 calories in a single session.

When people engage in sex then not only their genitals swell but also the breast and the inner walls of the nose also swell.

Such are the wonderful facts related to sex which will leave you totally spell bound. So make it a point not only to indulge yourself in sex but also make an effort to know the science and incredible facts which are related to it.

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