How to have interest in sex after 50?

So you are now well over 50 and you half crossed the half century of your life. Good news isn’t it? However you must be scared about your sex life going for a toss. Often people have the wrong notion that once you have crossed the age of fifty, there is not much left in your sex life. There are fears and apprehensions that he may not like you anymore. You may not have the energy to do sex or you may not be aroused as more than before because of the menopause that is happening to you at this stage of life. There is also a fear that since you are not as attractive as you used to be so your partner might not take an active interest in you. But it has been proven scientifically that all these are nothing but myth. Fifty is the new twenty. You confidence is the key which will take your forward and make your sex life a rather fulfilling and exciting one. So, be confident.


The real truth is that sex after 50 can really be exciting if you actually try it out. Here are some ways in which you can regain interest in your sex life with the same vigor and passion.

Fantasize about sex

In order to have good sex you should also fantasize about sex in the best possible way with your partner during the day.

Phone sex

Phone sex

You can also initiate a sexual conversation with the help of a phone call. Call him up and talk to him intimately about various things.

Plan good time together

good time together

Plan a great deal of time with each other. Talk to each other and reminiscence about the good moments that you spent with each other. Cuddle each other and look at each other lovingly. This will do half of the trick.

Try foreplay before sex

Before you actually get into the play, try putting some foreplay tactics. This will help both of you to get aroused easily and you can feel that sex is not as hard as it seemed.

Listen to your partner and also encourage the sexual talks that he speaks to you. Enjoy whatever he is saying and accept whatever he is doing.

Try out these tips and I am sure that sex after 50 will be delightful and interesting as well.

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