How to Increase Positive Communication in a Workplace

Positive Communication in a Workplace

Communication is key to a smooth-running business. With enough positive communication comes productivity, workplace happiness, and a knowledge of areas to improve. Implementing better communications within a workspace can take some work, however, so here are some simple ways in which you can do this.

1. Hold One-On-One Meetings

One-On-One MeetingYour employees need to feel heard. Scheduling monthly meetings with each employee is a great way of promoting healthy communication between you and your staff. You can discuss any ideas the employee may have to give, any issues that have arisen, and anything else work-related either of you want to bring up. It is also a good time to give positive feedback to them and encourage their hard work.

2. Be Mindful of Words

As the boss or the manager, you are setting an example. Choose your words wisely – when talking to staff make sure you are as positive as possible, not putting anyone down, and being kind. This doesn’t mean you should be a pushover, just that you should create an environment you want to be in. If issues arise, discuss them maturely and sensibly rather than telling your employees off – this will open the door for unlocked communication, ensuring you can get to the root of the problem.

3. Have a Suggestion Box

Setting up a suggestion boxSetting up a suggestion box means everyone can submit ideas they think would work for the company. This gives everyone, no matter how high up or otherwise, the chance to propose their thoughts. The box can be completely anonymous, so if an employee is too scared to voice an idea, this would be a brilliant way of letting them get it out there without anyone having to know it came from them.

4. Use Technology

Technology is implemented in nearly all businesses these days, but you can go one step further and use tech to keep up to date with all your employees. There is software where you can instant message in groups, and even keep track of employee status’. Finding great HR Software tools has never been so easy, and it gives your company the space to grow in other areas, leaving the dull job to the tech.

5. Learn About Your Employees

know Your EmployeesNot everybody works the same. Some people are better leaders, some work well alone, and others are more sensitive to criticism. You should learn how each of your employees work so you can treat them on an individual basis. Having this knowledge will help when you have to give negative feedback, hold a team meeting, or delegate jobs. Communication is all about learning from the other person just as much as it is about talking.

6. Take Team Outings

Company outings can be fun and can also open up room for communication. People are generally more relaxed when out of the work setting, so you’ll find that your employees open up to you more.

Creating a work environment that has open, healthy communication will boost productivity and increase work morale overall, so it truly is important to get the conversations flowing.

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