The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Digital Marketing

If you are about to set up your own business, there is much to consider, and digital marketing is not something you can overlook, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has turned many people onto online shopping. When creating your business plan, you need to include a section on marketing, as without SEO services, it is very unlikely that potential customers will even be aware of your existence, and if you source a leading digital marketing agency, they would help you create an effective marketing strategy that delivers results.

 1. Tailored to your Business

digital marketing planIf you take a market leader such as King Kong digital agency, when you make an initial enquiry, they would carry out a thorough online audit to determine the strength of your online profile, and this data will help to formulate a digital marketing plan that reaches your target audience. If, for example, you service domestic customers with a plumbing business, then your SEO needs to be localised, and social media marketing would be the best way to develop a strong community presence 

2. Social Media Marketing

Known as SMM, this has evolved into its own sector, and anyone who ignores tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, does so at their own peril. How does one build a large Facebook following? When you join forces with an SEO agency, they take complete control of your accounts, making daily posts with engaging content that is informative and industry related. The team would have a web content writer and this is the person who writes blogs and articles to be posted on your Facebook wall, and by creating short ‘How to’ videos and a short clip to introduce you and your team, you are engaging the user and encouraging them to follow you. Let us not forget email marketing, which is still a very effective way to reach out to existing customers, and the SEO company can create special promotions via email. 

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine OptimisationThe art of SEO involves improving the target website’s rankings within a specific Google search, and there are several ways that this can be achieved, which include keyword insertion, building links and amending the website to make it more visible to Google’s bots that crawl the Internet every few days. With literally millions of consumers using Google to source products and services every day, you need to make your platform as visible as possible, and over a period of time, your site will become more prominent, and this will result in a dramatic surge in web traffic. 

4. Free Online Evaluation Audit

Make an enquiry with a leading digital marketing agency and the first thing they would do is carry out a thorough online audit of your business to determine your online presence. This would include getting all the statistics for your company website and all your social media pages, which enables the agency to compile a digital marketing plan that is focused on specific strategies. Here is some Australian government information about web content strategies and how to focus on the right target groups.

Now is the best time to set the ball rolling, and if you search online, you will find several leading Australian SEO agencies who would be happy to evaluate your digital presence and make a few marketing recommendations. 

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