How To Not Ditch The Dresses This Winter

How To Not Ditch The Dresses This Winter

Winter – a season where the light, breezy sundresses take a back seat in your closet. You put on layers and layers of clothing, wrap a scarf around the neck and you just cannot step out of your house without a coat or jacket.

But what about the fashionista in you, who just cannot stop loving the straight A-lines or the frills of a good dress?

Do you really have to ditch the dresses to stay warm this winter?

Or is there a way to wear a great dress in the cold, wintry days, and still stay (fashionably) warm?

As you’ll find out below, there is a way to put on a dress every single day of the winter season, look great, feel great, and stay warm.

Here’s how!

Wear a woolen sweater over the dress

 Wear a woolen sweater.Now, just because you can’t wear those breezy dresses in winter, doesn’t mean you have to throw them in the bin! You can still wear them for the comfort and easiness they offer, and yet stay warm to the core. How? Just put a cute sweater over the dress. Not only will you make a style statement in your circles, but you will also get some good ventilation for your skin while staying warm at the same time.

Pair a shift dress with a turtleneck

Turtlenecks in winter look chic, classy and comfortable. If you aren’t a pant girl, why not put on a shift dress over a plain turtleneck to achieve style and warmth simultaneously. More kudos to the stylist within you if you can accessorize the combination just right – with some boots and a proper handbag.

Make a style statement with a midi dress & a long coat

style-statement-with-long-coatMidi dresses are a boon from the fashion world. In the cold (really cold) days, midi dresses cover you from top to bottom with its fabric, and yet allow your skin to feel that gush of soft breeze that pants often deprive you from. Of course, you will still feel cold, but that’s why there are these amazing coat for women. Just put on one long coat – make a style statement & keep warm.

These are not the only ways to stay dressed in a dress this winter. You can wear the dress you love over a pair of knee-length boots, black tights, or pants. But, one thing is for sure – winter is not the season to keep your fashion sense locked in a closet, especially if your idea of good fashion is to carry a beautiful dress effortlessly.

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