How to Organize and Store Your Jewelry at Home

Organize and Store Your Jewelry at Home

Long pendants, chained bracelets, tiny earrings, and rings of all sizes often tend to get lost or tangled if you don’t keep them organized.

And when it comes to jewelry items, a simple rule is: if you can’t see them, chances are you won’t wear them. No matter how beautiful or classy your jewelry collection is, if it’s all clumped together in knots, you’ll find yourself wearing the same few pieces every day.

There is no point in collecting pretty accessories if you don’t wear or showcase them at your home.

Here are a few creative yet simple ways to organize and store your jewelry at home.

DIY Ring Holder

ring holderIf you were to name one jewelry item that you keep on losing the most, what would it be?

Think… do rings ring a bell?

The tiny, delicate bands are easy to mix with other jewelry pieces, giving you a hard time finding your favorite pieces when you’re in a hurry.

A DIY ring holder is a perfect solution to organize and store your rings. Mold some clay into a cute holder shaped like a hand or a cactus – and you’ll be good to go! The best part of this trick is that it’s super easy and inexpensive.

If you tend to lose your rings way too often, we’d suggest you make a few holders and place them around your house – think near the kitchen sink, the bathroom, the nightstand, and of course your dressing table.

Organize the Necklaces on the Wall

Necklaces, especially those long pendants, are often thrown in the drawers, never to be worn or seen again.

If the same happens with you, it’s time to assign a small portion of your wall for displaying your jewelry. An ideal spot would be either behind or at the back of your bedroom door.

To begin with, screw some hooks into thin pieces of wood and hang your necklaces separately. Not only will this make it easy for you to find the pieces, but it will also make for a good display.

A DIY Jewelry Tree

Jewelry Tree

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Another cool way to organize your jewelry is by spray-painting a tree branch to use it as a holder. You may choose the color of the spray based on your home décor.

This DIY jewelry tree will complement modern, minimal, and boho décor. To add to the effect, place the painted dead tree branch on a ceramic dish that is decorated with small rocks. This hack will work best for lightweight jewelry items, particularly the thin-chained necklaces.

Make a Jewelry Board

A jewelry board is a creative and neat idea for organizing your jewelry.

You may take a photo frame and turn it into a ring display by replacing its back with chicken wire. Next, you may arrange a few vases on a shelf to use them as bracelet holders. To complete the whole look of your jewelry board, you may then use a curtain rod to hang your necklaces right at the bottom.

There are so many tips and tricks to organize and store your jewelry at home, you can order decorative gift boxes online too, but the aforementioned ways are some of the best when it comes to creative solutions that won’t break your bank.

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