How to write a script for a TV series

write a script for a TV series

A Good show on TV requires the ability to hold back the audiences. As the TV shows run for a long time so it’s important to have that gluing element in it. The story and the content of any show are the heart and soul of it. If it is strong and appealing enough, no one can stop the audience to watch your show even if the audience has to wait for the next season to arrive. But what’s the formula of writing and how to write a script for a TV series? There is no hard rule for it; you just have to know your story and the masses for which you are targeting your show. If you are also keen on writing your own TV show, let’s find out about it.

1.     Choose an appealing topic

Choose an appealing topicNow this one is the foremost and most important thing to consider when you start your script. You have to be sure enough as what show or what topic you wanted to convey to your audience. Be it romance, comedy, family show, drama or mythological, you should be clear about your target audience and which age group you are writing a show for.

Once you are done with the topic, start researching your ideas before you start writing. See if the same topic has been used anywhere and to what extent. Try to think out of the box as you definitely don’t want to show your audience what they have already seen on the television, right?

2.     Discuss the idea

Once you have done with your topic, idea and research process, brainstorm your ideas with your friends and family and see how their reactions are. Narrate and discuss the ideas and ask them what they feel about it, what they like and what the entire story lacks. Your near ones will honesty tells you where the problem is or what is the element they like the most. They can suggest you better option also. In this way, you will get to improve your story based upon the reaction of the people who didn’t know your story from the very start.

This is the most important part of the process to know how the common people react to your show and how they wanted to see it on the screen. This way you can provide a better show to your audience.

3.     Start writing the pilot

Start writing the pilotNow if are done with your plot, you can start writing your pilot. The pilot is the small synopsis of your entire show which will be filmed where the whole story will be told in one hour drama. The pilot has to be indulging enough to make your audience craving for the next episode to be aired.

Give proper setting of the interesting character, main setting, location, idea, and language everything has to be clearly reachable to the audience. They should not get confused as what the show is all about and they must connect themselves with the show. So in a way, the pilot of the show decides the future of your show on the TV.

4.     Pitching of the show

The pitching of the show is really critical as well as the most important part when you are screenwriting for television. Based on this pilot, your entire show will be judged by the channel people and they will decide if it has the potential to draw the people’s attention or not. In this process your work is showcased on the stage and based on the response from the channel, the show is aired.

Make sure you didn’t make any mistake here as it will become more expensive for you to mend. It is better to ask the help from some experienced person before you pitch your show to the selected channel as they will be aware of the process and also you will get benefits from it too.

5.     Working on the detailed story

Working on the detailed storyAlways use a standard script template for formatting. Any TV show script format has some rules and regulations which every channel, director or the producer follows. Make sure you get them all right before hopping into your final and detailed script. Once the pilot is done and approved, a timeline would be assigned to you regarding the delivery of the final script submission. It will be followed by the shoot and the on-air process on TV. Keep your script intact and smooth by following all these steps.

6.     Work on the details

Once you are done with your story and the pitching process, you have to work on the details of your project. In this, you have to double check your details, finger details, your plot, story, all the setting, characters, any special items or tools. Make sure you have provided with all the details and the answers to the question which can be raised in the future regarding the show. So just go through your script too many times to provide every detail to make your story strong.

7.     Proofread

ProofreadThe last and the most important part of your TV script are proofread. Get a known and experienced person for this job and to make your job easy. Make sure to contact a person who has already done with his/her script. Get the suggestion and make the correction. Do not forget to read your script again and again and do all the necessary changes needed. It will make your script smooth and flawless.

Writing requires practice which makes it polished and smooth. Always remember that you will have to write so many drafts before getting the right and the perfect draft of your story. The more you write, the more your writing will improve.

Happy writing

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