Over Hyped Facts about Indian Cities that Travellers are Trapped in

There are a lot of overhyped facts about nearly all the cities in India. In fact, most people believe these facts and travel to the cities with perceptions. Sometimes, these perceptions are totally untrue and baseless. However, at other times, they are absolutely correct but are hyped to quite an extent. In fact, they are hyped to such an extent that travellers visit or un-visit the cities solely based upon these facts.

unsafe city for women_1

D..D…D…D…Delhi, Delhi Delhi!

The best example would be the reputation of Delhi as an unsafe city for women when it could also easily pass off as a city of monuments or a city with the best infrastructure.


Another best example would be the so called paradise of Kashmir. There is always political unrest in the area but it is more or less a safe place. Rarely are tourists harmed in Kashmir. Yes, it is true that there is political unrest in Kashmir and it lasts for god knows how long. However, there is more to Kashmir. The city isn’t called a paradise for nothing. Hence, visit the city and your perceptions may be shaken off if you look at it with new eyes. The problem of political unrest will then seem like a social problem.

Always travel with a guide and prior knowledge or perceptions about the city

The Cities are Many in Number

Many other cities are over hyped with these facts and hence, other things about these cities are completely missed by the tourists. It is best to take care of such facts. In the sense that, it is best to keep away from perceptions when travelling; if you travel without a guide and without any prior knowledge or perceptions about the city then, the experience is much more enthralling and exciting.

Travel Clueless coz its Fun

Hence, keep away from the facts and move about to a much better world. This theory should definitely be applied to Indian cities because a lot of Indian cities over hype their most important facts.

Thus, don’t get overwhelmed with overhyped facts about Indian cities but instead create your own world of facts about that city.

Summary – The article tells you about a few Indian cities about which some facts are so popular that travellers know these cities only for such facts.

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