Prom night with your Angrez boyfriend: Dos and don’ts

Everyone loves to have a British boyfriend. But hey! You need to be careful. There are a few dos and don’ts of going out on a prom night with your British boyfriend that you need to follow. Here are the tips –

Treat your Britisher boyfriend with Manners_1

Treat them with Manners

Britishers are ardent followers of good manners and chivalry. They will treat a girl with utmost chivalry and care. Hence, it is nice that you give it back to them. Do not forget that they come from a very cultured scenario and hence, it is in their veins to behave in a well mannered way. Yes, it is going to flatter you but he isn’t going to be flattered if you aren’t as well mannered.

Dress Well

Britishers are slaves when it comes to dressing well. They want everything to be perfect to the T. Yes, it comes from their culture and you need to respect that. Make sure that you dress properly and according to the occasion. Spend a bit extra on your costume if you have to. After all, irrespective of your angrez boyfriend, prom night is indeed meant for dressing well.


Give him the Right Hints

Remember that the Britishers are culturally different from us and hence, you saying something to them may be interpreted differently by them. Thus, be careful and set your limits. Just like you know where they are coming from; make sure that they also know where you are coming from. It helps when both parties know each other’s culture well. You don’t want to end up doing something you never intended to with them.

Return their Compliments with Grace

Gracefulness is another attribute that the English admire. Hence, accept their compliments gracefully and give back the same to them with equivalent grace. Don’t blush, gush and go all mushy over him. Yes, it is cute but it isn’t angrez. He may get offended or displeased by your acts.

Thus, when you are out with your English boyfriend watch your step and tread carefully. After all, it is the prom night and anything can happen on a night like that.

Summary – This article lists out the dos and don’ts of if you are to have a prom night with your angrez boyfriend.

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