Ideas about sex that are incredible

All of us fantasize about having a good sex life. But only a few of us know how to have a good sex life. The mantra for having a good sex life is to establish a good connection between the body and the soul and at the same time feel confident about your body.


We as human beings have the tendency to focus only on the problem areas whenever we see ourselves in the mirror . This feeling is carried right into the bedroom and totally demoralizes us. This is the problem with most women. When being kissed by our partners, rather than enjoying it we are worried that about the extra inches on our waist or thighs. For this reason we are not able to get the maximum pleasure out of it. In order to overcome this take a hard look at yourself and accept who you are .

If needed work on your fitness but never feel that you are lacking at something. The next common problem is lower levels of connection between the body and the soul. Sex is something which will help you connect in a better way with your soul. It Need not be performed as a ritual but it is meant to be enjoyed by both partners equally.


Try out Yoga or meditation which will be helpful in relaxing your mind as well as body. A happy and relaxe3d mind will surely guarantee that you have a good sex life. Above all try to enjoy the small things in life and love your partner for who or what they are . This will seal the bond of love between you .

Getting tied up instantly boosts the sexual energy because it brings in the element of vulnerability. “When you’re bound, you’re completely at the mercy of your partner’s urges, which is exciting. Plus, you can focus entirely on being pleasured since you’re not able to reciprocate.

Lie on the bed with your hands tied together, and let him devour you. Have him start with a tease by holding his first and second fingers in a V, placing them on either side of your clitoris, and massaging in a scissoring motion. Then he can use side-to-side motions with his tongue to get you really worked up.

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