Interesting facts about ghosts

Ghosts or spirits have always been a source of debate for a long time. Nobody can deny the existence of ghosts and none can confirm its presence . Here are a few interesting facts about ghosts which will leave you spell bound-


The spirits which want to grab your attention are the ones who haunt.

Spirits do not have any idea of time.

Most of the spirits do not understand that they are dead and do not exist anymore. It is as if they have been trapped in their worst nightmare.

Spirits use many ways to communicate with us. They may come in our dreams or simply provide us with signs of their presence around us.

Spirits have a great sense of smell. There are certain types of smell towards which the spirits are attracted.

Spirits are more active in the darkness. This is because there is less electronic energy around us in darkness and this helps the spirits to produce more energy .

Ghostly interferences are mostly seen in the children or in young adults because they have a high level of energy which makes it easier for them to communicate with the people around them.


Not all the ghosts are trapped in this mortal world. Some of them choose to stay back in order to seek revenge or to fulfill certain incomplete desires.

In most cases animals or children are more likely to feel the presence of a spirit or ghost.
Crowd demons are very strange anomalies. While demons seem to not be restricted or constrained by time and location, crowd demons seem to specifically show up in places that are inhabited by large groups of people, hence the term crowd  in their name. Why crowd demons are attracted to crowds, there are no concrete answers.


Theories range from energy emanated by the specific location, or an attraction to the photographer or bystander in the crowd. Standard apparitions may make singular appearances on film, but crowd demons tend to show up in numbers.

Animals are some of the most beloved members of families units, but somehow, after the pets pass on, their spirits get neglected. Professional ghost hunters, when they are one of their many sojourns, rarely seek out these nimble ghosts, opting instead for the sexier shadow people and poltergeists.

Animal ghosts make their presence felt not just in manifestations, but also sound and smell. It is not unusual for a person experiencing a haunting which includes animal ghosts to hear the pitter patter of the invisible animal, or whimpering, panting and scratching on the walls and doors.

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