If only we were United States of Asia!

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THINK for a second if all the countries of Asia were to gather!
strong>Then the world would have to call the developing countries to be the super powers.
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Our Human recourse would unite to gather to supply all the needs of the world.

We can be self full filled by satisfying our needs with our own supply.

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Yes I can hear you asking… But is it possible?

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Why not…but first we should stop a lot of violent ,thoughtless,violent, destructive actions and start thinking towards creative ways.
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Yes we fall apart in many aspects.
Already we are fighting to make our small states in to a separate nation,like Pakistan,Bangladesh…..now recently sillugiri.
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yes we fight for our own private nations.we agree to aggression.
we fight in search of a peaceful life.
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But think we could not only be peace full but also prosperous if we unite instead of breaking apart.

We have a lot to look up to ,

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a lot to be done in the fields of agriculture,animal husbandry,fabric industry and so forth.
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But we fight for separate land ,become week economically and waste time again by restoring to aggression.
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stop ,think, join and grow in to a powerful creators.

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We can make our self use full.

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