In the making – British Barack Obama

Barack Obama has created history for America and the same is being expected from a new star of the British Labor Party, Chuka Umunna. He has shown great skills in politics and his opinions and problem solving techniques has made supporters call him the Barrack Obama of Britain. This is definitely a huge compliment to live up to. Chuka has asked the UK government to deepen its ties with the economically self-sufficient and improved West African countries. Umunna is not only frank but also very candid. The comparison between him and Mr. Obama has not made him self-conscious or proud. He has shaken off all comparisons drawn between him and the American president. His attention is only on improving the financial and political ties between Western Africa and the United Kingdom.

The young politician has declared, on his trip to West Africa for trade improvement, that the comparisons drawn between him and Barack Obama are the result of a lack of prominent African politicians in Western countries. His ancestors were native of Nigeria, one of the prosperous western African Countries. The young member of the British Parliament wants to rise in politics and stand for elections some day without being judged on the parameters set by Barack Obama’s political career.


The London district of Streatham is represented by this young politician as he grew up in that district and got elected to the Parliament from there in the year of 2010. He has been a lawyer and is only 34 years old. Last week’s trade enhancement trip was his first after his father’s death in the year 1992. Before that he had spent long vacations away from London in Nigeria. He feels that Nigeria has made great advancement in respect to finance and economy. He was amazed by the changes in Nigeria and Ghana. He talked about Britain’s eagerness and willingness to develop ties with the Western African countries for mutual progress and economical advancement.

He has been very frank and spontaneous in his approach for improving the trade ties between the nations. He has acknowledged how he is quite sure about the fact that Ghana will become one of the fastest growing economies in the next 4 to 5 years. In his press conference he told the media that there is a notion prevailing among the West African colonies that unlike Brazil and china, UK has not taken as much interest in their economical growth before. He is determined to resolve this issue. Umunna has not only received good publicity but he has also received some bad media focus as well. David Cameron has openly accused him for editing his Wikipedia page and media reports of his reckless comments about UK nightclubs have come to the fore. Despite of the bad publicity, Umunna has a charm and appeal of his own and his frank politics is making its niche slowly.

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