With Iranian Cleric barring 700 candidates, Presidential Elections are all but over

The ban on electoral candidates in Iran has made elections unnecessary. The elections are going to be held on June 14th. Discriminating the presidential for obscure or irrational reasons is something which will damage the Iranian politics further and lead to more corruption. The former president of Iran, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has been banned from the upcoming election. He has expressed his annoyance in a public statement saying that a country cannot be run in a worse way than this. His statement rings true because he has never criticized the government of Iran like this before.



The mass banning just before the elections has put doubt in every questioning mind as to its true need and relevance. Women, who want to run for the Presidential election, have faced great animosity both in the past and the present. The Iranian constitution do not have any law barring women from appearing as candidates in the electoral process but still the laws are being wrongly interpreted by the authorities. According to Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, the chief spiritual leader of Iran, women are not supposed to compete in elections. Only men are permitted to rise to such a high post. Such patriarchal dictate in the twenty first century is not only obnoxious but also unbelievable.


Though seven hundred potential candidates have been banned from the elections, eight conservative candidates are going to stand for the elections next month. Surely the religious sect is trying to eradicate the potential threat they have faced from the president of the nation. It is not a secret that earlier the president and the religious head of the nation have been at daggers drawn. With the tension between the two dominant forces gone the religious sect will become more powerful.

Apart from the Religious sect another power player in Iranian politics are the Revolutionary Guard Corps. They are responsible for planning the policy that Iran will adapt for Syria and Iraq. The Western countries involved in the world politics want to bring down the Iranian government. Even if Mr. Rafsanjani was not banned from the current elections for presidency and won the race, he would not have been able to cause any substantial difference in the policies adapted by Iran for developing nuclear power or helping in Syrian wars. Iran is soon going to face financial and economical downfall along with political anarchy due to its increasing involvement with the Syrian war and decreasing rates of oil revenue.

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