INCA trail

Inca Trail to machu picchu, is one the most popular trek in the Andes, Peru and the the world. What makes inca trail trek so special is, its richness biodiversity, the stone made trail, the archaeological sites along the inca trail, unforgettable views, snowy mountains, cloud forests and the natural beauty of the Inca Trail to machu picchu. The trail has exotic vegetation including more than 300 varieties of Orchids. the Inca Trail presents extraordinary ecological variety, and machu picchu itself cannot be fully understood without the experience of the inca trail trek. Its principle sites are ceremonial in and multifunctional character, in ascending hierarchical order as you near the city. The inca trail is essentially a work of spiritual art, like a gothic cathedral and walking the Inca Trail to machu picchu is an act of devotion to the incas memory. The four days inca trail trek covers about twenty-eight miles, starting at an elevation of 8,400 feet above sea level and ending at 7,800 feet.camino inca3 SfSAu 42243 above sea level and ending at 7,800 feet. copia 2 de camino inca copia mzqkJ 42243in the inca trail trek you must cross two high mountain passes with a maximum elevation of 13,700 feet. the trail conditions are generally good on this ancient inca trail to machu picchu. The guides are professional, knowledgeable, and English speaking. We use excellent equipment and serve savory nutritional meals. our inca trail trek porters required to carry our equipment for this trek are friendly, happy and helpful. Is the best trek in peru. we advice you to take the inca trail trek – inca trail to machu picchu. copia de camino inca jT7r1 42243 Standard inca trail trek group size: (minimum 03 people – maximum 08 people) Why small group?.- The principal reason to take small groups in the inca trail / inca trail to machu picchu, or inka trail to machu picchu is to provide you personalized service. Always a small group is better to keep walking together and enjoy the nature of the Inca Trail , there is a possibility to make friend and share experiences, interacting more closely with each other. Whereas, in larger groups from (10 – 16) people it trend to split into factions. Moreover, in larger groups tends to be a sizeable difference“ often over one hour in a section of the trail” between the fastest and slowest member. in the inca trail it makes more difficult for the guides, cooks and porters to make their effective labors. In small groups, people are more likely to arrive at roughly the same time to hear the guide’s explanations. Also our porters are given the same food as the tourists. In larger groups agencies often provide inferior food for the porters. Small groups require less space in campsites and this enables the guide to select better locations. In small groups the guide, cook and porters have a more intimate relationship with the tourists and are better able to meet individual needs and attend to environmental issues such as waste disposal, contamination, etc. as the group will be together more of the time. Because of these reason in our standard service we take small groups, only in a group of friends and delegations we manage larger group. so choose small inca trail group. How to book the inca trail ? for a valid booking for the inca trail trek consider the following information: According to the Inca Trail last regulations (the government makes the rule). The inca trail trek booking has to be done on advance. The entrance to the Inca trail is restricted to protect the area to only of 500 people per day. (between the 4days and 2days Inca trail) this means that if we consider all the tours guides, cooks, and our porters only 200 visitors can go for the Inca trail trek in a day. Because of this reason make a your booking before it is full. Also consider that *For low season the availability gets full 01 month advanced; *For for the high season (May, June, July, august, September) it gets full with 4 and 5 months advance, so we advice you to book it ASAP, to avoid missing spaces.

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