Incredible fashion faux passés in Hollywood

Celebrities are generally those who inspire us to look like a fashion diva. But this is not the case always because sometimes we follow them so blindly that we end up looking the fashion disasters of the evening. It is very difficult for fans to understand what will make some fashion sense and what will not, because we believe that everything they wear is fashionable it can be anything from wearing socks with sandals or not giving up their his heel shoes when they know they are going through the days of maternity.

You have to apply your brains to identify what looks classy and fashionable and what does not. So here we have spotted some of the Hollywood celebrities with incredible fashion faux passes in Hollywood.

Sandals with socks

Chole Sevigny was seen wearing sandals with socks at a music festival

Even without applying brains and no matter how big a fan you are but you cannot let go sandals with socks. They look awful. Chole Sevigny was seen wearing sandals with socks at a music festival. We all know that comfort looks good at home, but not at a music festival. It is definitely quite hurting for the eyes. If a fan wears it to some music concert we are sure to see him being mocked at.

Shorts with stockings

Shorts with stockings

If you are planning to wear shorts let your long legs show its real beauty or it is best not to wear one. It is even worse when you are seen covering it up with a pair of black stockings. It is a big fashion disaster. Nicole Richie was seen wearing one of those and posing for a photograph which wouldn’t have gone very well if her fans copied the same look.

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattral was seen wearing a dress, which gave her more of a grandmother look. Samantha Jones of ‘Sex and the City’ would have really freaked out seeing such a dress anyways.

There are many such fashion faux passes but we are able to bring quite a few of them, but the lesson learnt should have a durable impact on your mind. Celebrities can still try anything and can either be termed as fashionable or at another time they might be considered to have had an incredible faux pas. So choose what to wear not going by the trends prevalent in any film industry but rather by focusing on what suits you and what is best, based on your look.


Celebrity fashion faux passes, just like celebrity fashion find a lot of interest from fans and casual observers. We take a look at a few.

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