Top things we learnt from the Kardashians – especially Kim

Being a fighter – The American sisters who excel in every way are the best examples to fellow women on how to be confident and how to work against the negativity that world throws across. They worked to turn into the best and are multi-faceted being part of the television industry, a fashion designer, business women with great turnover. Kim Kardashian even strived hard to become the highest-paid reality person.

Follow thy passion –

 Kim Kardashian 1

Kim’s interest in fashion and retail industry let her reach the sky’s limit along with her sisters in designing great collection of clothing and perfumes. She also released a book named “Kardashians Confidential” that gives the negative world a gentle push. To make the best out of the one blesses life against the negativity is something to be learnt from her.

Fame and handling being famous –

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Being a celebrity has its own advantages and disadvantages. Kim was seen being cast for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that won numerous awards at the Teen Choice Award for being a true star. She worked for PETA, the animal rights organizations that stresses on the importance of animal welfare. She also concentrated on welfare and promoted good things by helping these organizations.

Allow the world find you but not to define you –

 Kim Kardashian 8

Well known for being featured in world’s best magazines and also hitting the records of being one of the most searched person on the internet, Kim also worked for a music marketing firm and turned into one of the most well-versed people in fashion and music. She is a trend setter.

There were negative comments all over the internet from famous celebrities who weigh her talents on a much lesser scale and feel that she is not worth the fame. She turned those sounds down and kept working against being the best form her life. She kept focus on her work and her passion.

Her fighting spirit, identifying the hidden talents and to nourish the same, taking negativity under control and doing the best possible things in one life are the top things to learn from Kim Kardashian.


There is no need to ape this celeb or even defend her stances. Just make sure you take cue in terms of her dare and guts to stand for herself. That is a million dollar lesson she teaches us.

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