India – where pupils write with both hands simultaneously!

We had been producing the most prodigious students from times immemorial. Many of these students proceeded to become world famous in their respective fields. Till this date, the world acknowledges Indian talent and respects it.

However, we might have just taken our abilities a bit too far. The story is that a school in India is reportedly teaching its students to use both their hands to write on different subjects simultaneously!

Sounds unbelievable? Well, it’s true! Veena Vadini School at Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh teaches all its 72 pupils of the use both their hands while writing on different subjects or for that matter languages. Now, the pupils are so well-trained they can write with both hands ‘with equal ease’.

The school started in 1999, for children aged between four and eight. It holds its classes outdoors in the opens.

Principal Virangat Sharma says;

All the children here can write on different subjects and in different languages. Not just that, these children can use both their hands to write in two different languages on two different subjects at the same time.

What about the students then? Well, Kamla, a student in Veena Vadini says;

I know six languages – Hindi, Urdu, English, Roman, Sanskrit and Arabic. I can write in two languages at one time.

That sums it up then, right? We never cease to amaze and awe the world.

News via Ananova. Thanks!

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