India’s female political game changers – Amma, Behenji and Didi

The future of the next Indian Government post the 2014 polls could be heavily influenced by the female political trio, who have a massive following in their respective states and that includes one erstwhile actress turned politician who is known as “Amma” to her supporters.


These three female Indian politicos are more popularly known for their appeal rather than policies and they are destined to shape the upcoming Indian Government with their say in during the formation of the coalition Government – as India is all set for its General Elections that commence from this coming Monday.  Yes, the trio are Jayalalithaa Jayaram, Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati.

Although the current politician o the season is Narendra Modi, however, looking at the turn of events and the decision of AAP to contest the General Elections, there seems to be less hope in the BJP gaining an outright majority.  In such a situation, the dependence on regional party support would be sought.

In the advent of such a satiation, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa could provide the much-needed support to Modi and change the political game at New Delhi.  This is a conjecture that has been prompted by the most recent soft approach that Jayalalithaa has adopted towards Modi’s BJP.


Amma is currently throwing stones at the Congress by stating “This Congress government — those looters – must be overthrown!” This is what she told her supporters during her Pondicherry rally.

In fact, Tamil Nadu has always seen a mix of cinema and politics and Jayalalithaa, the erstwhile actress and leader of the AIADMK has managed to win three terms as chief minister, despite drawing flak due to her autocratic style of governance and corruption.  She hands down freebies in exchange for votes and operates in a secretive manner, which no one has an inkling of.  She is undoubtedly the queen of the state.

Similarly, Mamata Bannerji is the queen of West Bengal as has party Trinamool Congress rules the roost in the state.  She is an iron lady who is expected to amass close to 30 seats during the general elections this year.  Didi’s moves are very unpredictable and it is hard to predict which party she would support post the elections.  She has recently been lashing out at the Congress and the BJP.  Mamata’s ordinary persona and ability to talk kto the masses in their language is what lends her a common touch.

Next is the “Dalit Queen” also known as “Behenji” who has championed the cause of the dalits- Mayawati.  Her party BSP at present has 21 seats in the Lok Sabha.  Mayawati holds a very negative stance against Modi and believed that India would be ruined if he comes to power.  However, she also has previously negotiated with the BJP for allowing her to become the CM of UP at a certain point.

These three women are fighting using their various personas and qualities that have given them enough supporters and popularity.  They will undoubtedly be exercising the many seats that would be required by the national party to form a government and this would give them a major say in the party formation after this year’s elections.

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