iPhone Mania gripping the Indians too!

iphone 9cPfS 18142
As the D-day draws near, anticipation in the States is reaching fever pitch, but not to miss the frenzy that the 3-G iPhone is creating in India. Almost every day there is some snippet of information in the Indian newspapers regarding the phone. Although quite frankly, till the iPod or the iPhone people over here couldn’t care a less about Apple let alone Steve Jobs and his foresight. Microsoft ruled the roost and almost all the tech-ies heading to the US wanted to join the Microsoft bandwagon. And now, poor Zune hardly finds any takers! The latest buzz is the official iPhone will be launched in India for almost Rs.20, 000. The issue most papers are crying about is that in comparison, carriers from other countries will make their clients pay as little as 1 Euro and in some places it’s fee. Of course the 2-year contract is there, but that’s not an issue at all. FYI, those iPhone crazy people in India have already snapped up unlocked phones from the gray market for 25-30K, so where is the issue? Unlocked first-gen iPhones can be spied in almost every stratum of social circles. But what is left to be seen, is that how many will ditch their old ones for the brand new 3-G.

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