Is Anastasia Date Legit? Things You Should Know Before Dating 

Anastasia Date app

Dating apps are in abundance these days and with the global lockdown caused by the recent pandemic, more and more people are joining the virtual hub for finding their soul mates. While dating on any other online platform can be risky, there’s something special about the Anastasia Date app. This international site has caught the attention of several critics as well.

If you are looking for an online dating service, finding a reliable hideout is inevitable. Anastasia Date is one such portal that might attract you. So, are you ready for an adventure? Well, wouldn’t it be a good idea to check the details here before registering on any such network? If you are sceptical about the legal status of Anastasia, this discussion could help you figure out the truth surrounding all of that buzz.

About Anastasia 

online dating The site was established in 1993 to introduce men to Russian beauties. The site was named after Anastasia Nikolaevna, the Duchess of Russia. Initially, the site featured a catalog with images and details of women of Russian origin. Interested men could connect with their chosen women via the chat facility. It was in 1997, that the website emerged as one of the most popular virtual dating portals across Ukraine and Russia.

The high success rate had the company roll out three websites within a year. It was in 2007 that Anastasia became a spot where men and women from different countries and cultures flocked to register at this top-dating world site. Among the countries that saw a massive response were Latin America, Russia, and Africa. Each of the countries had its own website dedicated to its residents.

Inspiring stories

With Anastasia Date’s over the moon experience, it got selected for a feature in a Canadian documentary that was released as ‘Love Translated’ in 2010. Soon after, the app was acquired by a new investor who solely operates all the websites today under the banner Social Discovery Ventures that has its head office in New York City.

With the astounding admiration it attracted from millions across the world, not only did the company earn a reputation but also recorded a large revenue. In 2013, Anastasia Date launched its first mobile app. This was designed with cutting-edge features optimized for all hand-held devices such as smartphones and tabs. Read more on safety tips for online dating before signing up at any site.

In 2015, Anastasia Date became a victim of a series of cyber-attacks. This caused repeated interruptions in its working every day with hackers making it worse with their threats. Subsequently, with investigation hackers were brought to task.

The road ahead

women profilesToday, the Anastasia Date site contains over 8000 women profiles. These aren’t restricted to one part of the world although the majority hail from Eastern European countries. The site has been constructed and reconstructed over all these years. With facilities such as email, live chat, and video calls, it has kept its services up-to-date for its customers.

While the site continues to be as popular, its legitimacy has been challenged now and then.

Many have complained that the girls who feature on the app use fake names on their profiles which make the site appear less authentic. Also, many women who feature on this app have confided in their app friends that they are paid to feature on the app. Moreover, among the allegations made by distraught users, it has been reported that the addresses shared by the girls aren’t real.

From the site sending auto-responses on behalf of the girls to translators controlling the conversations between two individuals who meet to date on the site, the accusations are many. Read more about some important tips of dating online @

All such discussion around the app has only increased people’s mistrust in the app, citing it as a fraud one. After all, if you were to believe that the chats are controlled by the administrator, would you go out to find yourself a date on such a site?

The dubious status

The Anastasia website claims that all Russian women featuring on the app are real. They are on the lookout for a spouse from foreign countries and are ready to move out once they find a reliable partner. Reviews on the site bring out varying debates and discourse. Some believe that the girls are offered compensation to respond to the chats while others say that they are real and not fake.

Some reviewers who’ve followed the portal closely shared that women on this dating app are trained to allure men with tall promises. They pose to be good cooks and excellent home managers who are willing to quit their careers after marriage. Under the banner of “good brides,” the concept is being sold to men.

At present, Anastasia has over 20 million users from across the world who interact with each other via the state-of-the-art app developed for the purpose. If you’ve made up your mind about online dating, tread carefully. While there are clouds of criticisms lurking over the dating website, there must be some reason why so many people are hooked on exchanging millions of messages on Anastasia every day.

For those looking for life partners, signing up with the website is rather simple. All you would need is to provide basic details as requested by the site. These include your name, email, dating preferences, etc. As soon as your account is created, you can confirm it over email and start searching for a soul mate.

You can expect the website’s updated technology to safeguard your privacy and data. It is essential to affirm safety features when dating online and Anastasia has emerged as a reliable hub where you can find your dream partner fearlessly. Of course, they had a bitter experience in the past with hackers calling upon the site and have strengthened their security mechanisms ever since.

If you have doubts, consider reading reviews on Anastasia before registering. You may find different packages offered by the website to those interested in a membership.

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