Starting Out in Real Estate Keys to Successful Investing

Real Estate Keys to Successful Investing

Beginning in the real estate industry can be exhilarating and stressful. Thankfully, there are plenty of experienced realtors willing to help you get started. People are the most successful when they have a baseline understanding. Successful investing requires research.

When you learn how the industry operates, making good choices is easy. Wouldn’t you like to make more profitable investments?

Top Tips on How to Successfully Invest in Real Estate the First Time

Invest-in-Real-EstateAre you just starting your real estate investment journey? Plenty of people step into your shoes every year. It is only normal to feel a little anxiety. Purchasing your first real estate property will be one of the largest buying decisions you have ever made.

Not to mention, there are so many factors that can affect the performance of an investment. It can be a little overwhelming until you get some experience. We recommend focusing on the following areas first. That way, you can learn the fundamentals.

Knowledge of the Area

How many times have you heard someone talk about the importance of a property’s location? Depending on how familiar you are with the real estate industry, it might be a lot. There are many reasons location is as important as it is.

However, one thing is undeniable. Few other factors impact the return on your investment more than where it is located. The following market metrics are all important to know when you are learning about a new area.

Key Market Metrics

real estate market

Average Time on Market

How long does the average home take to sell? If it takes a long time, you need to know about that. A home’s average time on the market indicates how desirable the area is to potential buyers.

Average Sales Price

How much is the average closing price of homes in the area? This will give you a good idea of how much you should be spending when you invest.

Local Amenities

Plenty of people shop for homes based on what is around them. You should always have an idea of the most popular local amenities. These can also include local schools and colleges. Parents often make great tenants if you would like to become a landlord. Purchasing a property in a high demand school district could be a great decision.

Why Is Credit so Important?

woman checking credit scoreAre you aware of how vital your credit score is as an investor? Without a good credit score, it is much more difficult to get started. Your credit score determines how much everything costs to finance your Investment.

Access to Financing

Do you plan on purchasing your investment with cash or a loan? If you plan on using alone, you need to have decent credit. Lending institutions frequently deny people who do not have good credit. Consequently, it can be nearly impossible to get started without a decent credit score.

Cost of Financing

Compound interest drastically increases the total price of the property. The higher your interest rate, the more you will pay. Not only will the total amount you pay for the property increase, but also the monthly payment.

Maintaining Good Credit

Maintaining a good credit score is not that difficult. The most important thing is not overextending yourself. Pay your bills on time, and open a healthy mixture of credit accounts. Then, give your credit time. As long as you pay all of your bills before they are due, your score will increase every month. Once your credit is where you would like it, you can apply for a mortgage.

The Science of Your Down Payment

Down-PaymentOnce your credit score is good enough to access financing, you still have a few more things you need to do. Your down payment will be the next largest hurdle. A down payment is required by most lenders when you are purchasing a home. These are determined by taking a percentage of the home’s total value.

Lump Sum Payment

Depending on who gave you your mortgage, you will need to pay a portion of the home’s value upfront. Today you can access some mortgages with as little as 3.5% down. However, 20% is standard in the industry.

How Much Depends on the Lender

A variety of factors determines mortgage rates. It is not uncommon for you to receive different quotes from different institutions. Sometimes it can pay off to spend a little time rate shopping. A small difference in your interest rate could make a huge difference in how much you pay for the property.

Mortgage Insurance

If you do not have enough money to put down, you can still get a mortgage. However, most banks require you to get mortgage insurance. This adds an extra charge to your mortgage payment each month.

You must pay this until you meet the conditions specified by your lending institution. As long as you can meet the minimum down payment requirements, you do not have to get private mortgage insurance.

Is a Realtor Worth It?

Everyone wants to make their first real estate deal themselves. However, this is a horrible idea. Would you want someone that has never looked inside the hood of a car to be your mechanic? There is a reason why we trust people who have experience in certain industries. Otherwise, you could make costly mistakes.

Knowledge of the Area

Learning about real estate for a few hours online is not the same as being an experienced professional. It is still important for you to do your research. However, when you are ready to sign on the dotted line, having a professional can be game-changing.

Be sure to find a Realtor that has expertise in the neighborhood or suburb you’re searching. For instance, the real estate market in Phoenix, Arizona is much different than real estate in Scottsdale, a suburb to the east.


It’s stressful when you don’t know what the next step of the process is. A good realtor is always reliable. You will never need to worry about where you are in the home purchasing process. They will keep you up-to-date every day.


Do you get nervous in confrontational situations? Negotiating the price on a property can be mildly confrontational. You do not need to put yourself in an awkward situation. Instead, a talented realtor will get you a great deal on your dream property. Plus, they will be there for you as you do all of the paperwork. That way, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

The Preapproval

One final thing to note about mortgages is the preapproval process. Have you ever received a letter in the mail that said you were prequalified for a mortgage? Those may not mean what you think they do. A preapproval means that your bank has checked your credit and has decided to give you financing. Pre-qualifications only mean that you fit the criteria of a creditworthy person.

Single Family Homes vs. Condominiums

investment in propertiesDo you know what type of property you would like to invest in? Depending on your goals, the best choice Might be different. The two most common investment properties would be single-family homes and condominiums. Each has its own set of advantages.

Single Family Home

Obviously, single-family homes are better for people that want privacy. It is easier to find long-term tenants if you would like to rent these properties as well. However, you will be responsible for more maintenance work.


Condominiums are less upkeep since a community owns them. Typically, they also cost less than a single-family home. Best of all, despite their lower cost, you can still rent them for nearly as much as a single-family home. For that reason, they often offer the best return on your investment.

Airbnb for Investors

Finally, Air B&B is one of the quickest growing segments of the real estate industry. This company allows you to create your own accommodations empire. All you need to do is list your property, and you will find guests willing to pay to stay there.

If your area has a high demand for short-term leases, it can be the most profitable option. However, you are also subject to more volatility. When there is a downturn in traffic, you will get far fewer guests. Whether you are willing to take the risk is up to you.

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