Is Rahul Gandhi’s Campaign Set To Find Takers?

Rahul Gandhi seems to be the only chance that Congress has at the current moment. With the General Elections just two months away, Congress is experiencing an overwhelming sense of desperation to portray their chosen leader as an eager one. And one who is ready to lead them instead of a philosopher prince who meditates in the different aspects of power. So what does the future hold for Rahul’s campaign?


Firstly, Congress is still recovering from its wounds and cannot take the risk of sleepwalking to the brink. So they have decided that their only way out is to deliver to the masses and to fill their hopes, on  Rahul Gandhi.

This transformed leader has taken all the efforts to reinvent his mannerisms. He does not label any ordinance as rubbish and nonsense but instead can get our government to devise laws that we desperately need. He also eagerly answers all question, even the tough ones, with a smile and actually shaves.

The real change that seems to be note worthy is that his plans for India’s future does not revolve around abstract ideas about systemic change but rather a more concrete map on the things have to be done. This brand new manifesto includes promised changes and improvements in health and education and also the plans that will be used by UPA to generate more jobs and facilitate growth.

At the same time, the Congress prepares itself for the losses that it will suffer in the upcoming elections.  The ancestral burden may have been too much for Rahul, but he has now understood that the nation is not just upset with the UPA government but that they had also developed an anti dynasty mood.


The Congress led government was soon riddled with policy paralysis on one side and corruption on the other side. The fabled growth story of India catalyzed Modi’s emergence, a number of scams turned Kejriwal into an anti establishment champion have left Rahul with very little time to pick up the pieces.


The AAP emergence and the Delhi Assembly elections in December 2013 are alarm bells. Amethi is no longer the safe family borough any more. The possibility of the AAP taking a major portion of the electoral berth that would have other wise gone to Congress seems to be more realizable with each passing day. This could probably be why the speeches are not about the family legends but rather about the common people.

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