Is television becoming more idiotic by the day?

The answer to this question is partly yes. Television is a box which produces audio and video effects. A person cannot work with it but he/she can just sit and watch. It’s not an interactive gadget. People sit in front of the television producing no fruitful results. Unlike the computer in which a person has to operate and has to intelligence to make the computer work the television is totally worthless as there is nothing interactive to do with it.


It is true that television is an effective source of information but equally it is more used as a mode of entertainment by most people. The young generation tends to spend hours of their valuable time by watching animations and other stuff rather than going out and playing games cricket or football which could make them fit. The television immobilizes these young kids and makes them victims to obesity.

Watching sports or news is a healthy habit but on the other hand spending endless hours on soaps and serials, animations, cartoons is not considered healthy. These soaps and serials just serve idiotic stories with a pinch of glamour which is not worth of any intellect. There is a certain class of people who have nothing else to do but watch television at home so they switch it on and sit in front of it and gulp down whatever is being shown.

Most of these soaps show the same repetitive common day stories which are sometimes not even worthy of casual viewing. But still some people run after this shows since they have nothing else to do.


– Excessive watching is harmful for the eyes.
– Young generation wastes their valuable time just to become a prey of obesity and other illnesses as they do not play physical games.
– Does not increase the intellectual level of the viewer in any way.

-the creativity level of the children is drastically reduced

– moreover the children who spend a great deal of time in front of the television are more likely to show violent behavior because of what they see on the television.

Therefore the idiot box has really become more idiotic nowadays. So try to replace it by something more meaningful or at least reduce the time that you spend in front of the television doing nothing. Do something which is more useful.

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