Tips for getting married in a Marwari joint family

Here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members that will help you in creating a place for yourself in the joint family.

Know your priorities_1

Know your priorities

Knowing what you want for yourself and your spouse as  for the children will helpful. Setting the extra   important values and the flexible rules apart in your head will help you prioritize and make reasonable decisions without guilt . So understand what do you want and when do you want it.


However close knit a family might be, there are always some type boundaries and limits between the members of the family. Do not interfere excessively in any other person’s life unless you are asked to do so. Understand what others expect from you. Untimely or unwarranted advice or action often leads to hurt and unnecessary squabbles. Decisions for the entire family should always  be  taken collectively. Each family has its own ways of arriving at a conclusive decision.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively:

This not only means speaking your mind but also knowing when to keep quiet. If you are an emotionally sensitive person and are not worried about getting hurt or hurting others in your family consider the following – think, decide, rehearse and then make your point to your family so that you are able to communicate exactly what you want and why you want something to be done.

Trust and Respect:

Try to understand how and why a family member thinks feels or behaves in a certain way . Find the reason behind it. Empathize and connect with them or different levels. Respect the age and experience of elderly family members if not for any other reason; communicate accordingly.

Quality time

Quality time:

Although it is difficult for us to manage time between our work and personal lives, try to set up a  quality time session  within your family. Keep time spent with your spouse/children separate from the time spent with the rest of the family.

Money matters:

money matters very transparent. Discuss it with your spouse, then your  . Communicate very clearly  and be clear about these issues.

You can’t please everyone:

It is just impossible that everyone loves you at all given points in time. There will be ups and downs in a relationship. Moving beyond these difficult times is the key. Let go of petty issues and if someone’s approval is important for you, then communicate and resolve issues.

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