Is the number 26 the new unlucky number?

Since time and ages the number 13 has proven to be unlucky around the world for some reason,but now it seems that its place of being unlucky would be replaced.It would be taken over by 26.Why?Pretty simple.If we only look back into time then we will find out that this number has created a lot of destruction.To begin with we should bring into our memory the Gujarat earthquake.It took place on the 26th of January destroying parts of Gujarat completely.Then we are reminded of Tsunami that killed so many innocent people and created fear in the minds of humanity.It happened on the 26th of December.Then followed the Mumbai rainfall on the 26th of july that kept the dream city wet with tears for so many days.Those tears have not yet dried and Mumbai is yet again struck with this terrorist attack that took place on the 26th of November yet again proving that terrorism rules.The terrorists entered the top hotels of Mumbai and killed and bombed people and places respectively.This number has proved to be unlucky for India if not for the world.Even the numerologists suggest people having their names ending with 8(26 also adds to 8) to add an extra letter to avoid misfortune.Well nothing much could be done about the date but as a precautionary measure every person can be alert when the date is 26.Afterall there are only 12 such days in a year….what say?????

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