Acting on Spreading Islamist Terrorism

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The Middle East is no more the best favorite environment and target of terrorism, particularly the Islamist terrorism. Yesterday, India, the biggest democracy in the world, underwent a huge terrorist criminal act. It was really a terrifying operation clearly shows how far those criminal terrorists can go in a time of spreading terrorism in the world.

The region of the Middle East has been always considered as an identifying base and the native home of this contemporary type of terrorism. In this regard, there are many theories identifying and explaining this current wave of cross-border terrorism, especially after the 9/11 incidents. The Middle East element has been essential in the most of those theories, especially the most important contributions of them, and this is, to some extent, right.

Those theories connect this wave of terrorism with many Middle East conditions, historical events, motives and characteristics. However, although many analysis, hypotheses and ideas are true in this regard, there are new elements and features have some surprising or unexpected nature and qualities came out with some recent terrorist acts.

Recently, especially since London attacks, this pattern of terrorism originated in the Middle East has spread itself with new extents. In addition, it has shown flexibility and an ability to be modified ideologically and opportunistically in time and place.

This fact can be extracted, for example, from the grievances and goals of the London terrorist attackers, and more precisely, from the question of why they attacked their home. In addition, the latest terrorist attacks in India can be read in the same context, and can support the same point and conclusion about the nature and qualities of this current worldwide wave of terrorism.

Consequently, there is one essential remaining characteristic, which is common to all those terrorist acts; it is the Islamist foundation and background. Then, this question now is no more restricted to the Middle East element or base; it exceeded this environment now, as it is obvious from the recent developments in this regard.

It is neither appropriate nor productive to connect this wave of cross-border terrorism with Islam, but it is definitely unacceptable anymore to deny the Islamist nature of this phenomenon. Hence, it is a problem within Islam with an unquestioned relation to some Islamic basis and background.

It is time for Muslims to move and act on this question. At present, general Islamic apathy, indifference and inaction on this huge spreading worldwide terrorist wave are no more acceptable or understandable.

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