Is the world ready to accept a divorced woman?

Things are not the same for a woman as for a man. A man getting divorced is more readily acceptable than a woman getting divorced. As we are socializing on human culture and their lifestyles, we need to be indifferent in such cases. This calls for equity, treating all in the same way. Human right activist are trying their level best to bring the change. Efforts of the social activists are not the only solution to the problem, majority of the world’s population needs to broaden their mentality and think about the cause rationally.

Sad and upset woman deep in thought

We should be ready to accept a divorced woman, life of a woman doesn’t stop after she gets divorced, it continues. She should have the right to remarry if she want or stay single, whichever way she wants to lead her life. No one should have any problem with that. We should not force her into any situation in which she will not be able to lead her life properly. We need to respect her individuality.

The social pressure after marriage is a concern for many. When a woman gets divorces, she goes through much social pressure. In some cases, a woman is not allowed to remarry and in some she is being looked down upon when she remarries. The world does not somehow accept the life of a divorced woman.

In this period, where we see a lot of change in this world due to modernization and globalization, we are still stuck with the thought that a divorced woman is a burden to the society. We should be more open to such issues nowadays.


The divorced woman faces a lot of problems. Her living standard drops after divorce as the money available for her family is solely dependent on her, she has a lot of responsibilities.

People point out the flaws in a divorced woman, which led her marriage to end. Friends and family does not behave or interact in the same way as before. Loneliness is face by the women getting divorced; she is generally being isolated from the society. The self-confidence of the divorced woman fall as the thoughts to a failed marriage haunts her throughout her lifetime.

The society should help these women to forget the things which she had already faced which made her life miserable. The society needs to stand beside the divorced woman and support her.

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