Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Males Wear Burqa-Type Veils To Prevent Lusting After Women

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There is no difference between religions when it comes to fundamentalism. They are all equally ridiculous, and all equally as dangerous. You have Christian idiots threatening to burn Qu’rans at a very small, fifty member church in Gainesville, Florida and you have thousands of Muslim fundamentalists threatening death to Obama, the U.S. and who knows who else because of the decision of a paltry few. Then you have Muslim fundamentalists forcing their women to wear burqas or niqabs (though some women wear it by choice) so their females won’t tempt them, and now you have fundamentalist Jewish men covering their own faces to prevent them from lusting over women.

Thousands of ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel have started covering their faces with black veils to avoid looking at “indecently” clad women, according to news reports.

In the past couple of days, thousands of fundamentalist Jews launched a campaign under the title “Protecting the Eyes” in a synagogue at the city of Bnei Brak, east of Tel Aviv, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported Tuesday.

“This by far exceeds the fundamentalism of the Taliban in Afghanistan,” wrote the paper.

I’m not sure it rivals the Taliban’s excesses, and at least the men are taking the responsibility for themselves rather than placing the burden on the woman, but good grief, do men have absolutely no control over their sexual urges? Are they no better than animals, which upon smelling a female immediately want to jump her ? I’d like to give them more credit than that, but they obviously don’t think so if they are convinced that simply looking at a woman in, say, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is going to make them filled with lust.

Apparently the reason for donning this male burqa-type veil began as a result of a pilgrimage that the ultra-orthodox Jews make every year.

The idea of covering the face started as part of preparations for the pilgrimage to the grave of nineteenth century rabbi Nachman of Breslov in the Ukrainian city of Uman and which is annually visited by 15,000-20,000 Jews.

However, the campaign was extended to all Jews and face covers are now promoted as the best way to avoid looking at indecent women who wear clothes that do not abide by the teachings of Orthodox Judaism.

Around 9,000 Jews left Monday from Tel Aviv airport heading towards Ukraine. More than 50 planes were full to the brim with passengers covering their faces. The total number of Israeli pilgrims this year is expected to reach 18,000.

Before his death, rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who founded the Breslov Hasidic dynasty and is credited for the revival of the Hasidic movement, told his followers that they have to be with him on Rosh Hashanah, commonly known as the Jewish New Year.

Since the rabbi’s death in 1810, the annual pilgrimage called the Rosh Hashana kibbutz has been attracting thousands of Hasidim from all over the world.

Whether it’s Jews, Muslims, Christians or Hindus, there is no place in the 21st century for these types of people. They are dangerous. Modesty is one thing, extremism is another.

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