Why Jennifer Aniston needs to dump Theroux

Gorgeous Jennifer, well known for being one of the versatile actors and as “Rachel” for all the fans of “FRIENDS” series had been in a great relationship for about 7 years with Brad Pitt. Eventually they broke up as Mr.Pitt took a fancy to Angelina Jolie and there was a fan war between groups supporting Jenny and Jolie. Eventually, Jennifer did move on after a few years and started dating Justin Theroux. However, there are talks about facts that they are not really a good pair and it would be better for her to look for a better spouse.

 Jennifer Aniston with Theroux

  • Justin is known to be an introvert and is never friendly with any of the friends that Aniston has which includes Lisa and Courtney. It is said that he is totally aloof and never really takes responsibility or shows concern which makes Jenny’s friends doubt if he is really “the man” for her.
  • Even after being engaged for a good amount of time they did not really spend much time together, which is vital for a great relationship throughout life.
  • Justin never really promised a committing relationship at any point of their love life. He just shrugs away for every question of commitment thrown on him
  • Theroux was still a close friend of his ex-girlfriend Heidi who turned his girlfriend again as soon as Jenny attempted to call theirs a breakup and move on
  • Jenny was pregnant with Theroux’s kid in womb and he made her beg him for getting married, which is not really a real man’s act. It was definitely time to move on as per the verdict for Jenny from her close pals says most of the magazines featuring articles about them
  • Even trials of couple therapy failed, as Justin was not at all interested in the sessions
  • Justin proves to be really not interested as he did not make it up for her birthday followed by the Valentine’s Day. Even when a couple is going through a rough patch, it is necessary to step in and straighten things on great occasions, which Justin totally missed.

Even if they don’t break up and move on and continue to work on their wedding with this relationship eventually it is going to break up in a short term! Better to dump now!

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