Jessica Simson’s drinking binge puts her in hospital

jesstony 15699

In a classic case of doing all the wrong things to stay in the happening crowd, the movie star Jessica Simpson has been binge drinking, apparently to stay ‘IN’ the crowd. Star Magazine reported that all the heavy drinking and partying with beau Tony Rono and his gang left poor old Jessica’s overworked kidneys infected which even saw her being hospitalised. Reports suggest that the Voice of an Angel star, Jessica also suffered an urinary tract infection and a bladder infection alond with her troubled kidneys. Looks like another promising actress might go the Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse way if the drinking goes unchecked. Let’s hope that Jessica finally sees some sense and goes slow with the booze lest she end up paying the ultimate price for her fetish to keep up with the boys.

Via: Popcrunch

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