Michelle Rodriguez wants the media off her back, even if she ‘f@#!s a dog’

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I guess playing a little girl lost turned into tough lawbreaking policewoman on the stellar TV hit Lost wasn???t getting Michelle Rodriguez the kind of attention she wanted. Which is why the emotional actress known for her portrayal of marginalized, angry, troubled, ethnic characters on screen, decided to add more fuel to the media speculation of her sexuality.

Apparently the Latina is so sick of the media hounding and probing her about whether she likes to sleep with boys or girls that she wants to get the deal straight once and for all.

And here is what she had to say about the matter:

What the majority of [people] want to know what I???m doing with my vagina, and I think that that???s sick. What do you care who I???m dating? I can tell when somebody just wants to know about sex. And it makes me sick. If I wanna fuck a girl, a boy, a dog- that???s my business. That???s why there???s bathroom doors.

What? I thought they made bathroom doors so that nobody could see/hear/smell you answering nature???s calls! Oh Michelle I cannot thank you enough for that bit of enlightening info.

P.S. shouldn???t PETA be keeping Michelle under a scanner as one of those potential animal abusers?

Source: Defamer

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