Sex and life–Is it hip to discuss sex in the open?

Sex has always been a topic of interest ever since we see it almost everywhere we look, in movies, TV and music as well. It is part of our everyday lives and so should we be discussing it in public. There isn’t any holier than thou person who has not discussed sex in public. While there is no real issue about discussing sex in public, we have to figure out where the boundaries lie and just how much would be crossing the line.


It really depends on where you choose to speak your mind, for example, if you choose to talk about your sex life on your Face book account, that world count as being too much, after all why any one would want to do that.

Imagine your self posting something like “why did I just do that?” or “I hope I never see that person again” as your status. This is something that seems to be over the top and would embarrass the person of your interests, not to mention it might land up on the page of your colleagues.

This comes to the next point, the truth it that no one really wants to know about what really happen with you and your date last night. Sexual encounters are not so pertinent that they have to be discussed immediately.


It is true that the way we discuss sex has changed, our grandparents would not even utter the word for fear of being shunned in public as bad people, but today, we throw around the word ‘sex’ like it does not matter.

If such changes take place as quickly as they do, then by the tit our grand children are in college, sex in public without nay consequences will become the norm.

There is nothing bad or wrong about discussing sex as it would be in the best interest of the person who has the query, just as long as the more intimate experiences are kept personal. Discussing sex is usually not considered to be very classy and many people choose to talk about the trashier stuff then the tasteful ones, often making it a default topic. Although this sounds ridiculous and self righteous, but the truth is that sex is all people seem to talk about these days- and nothing more. If they are not discussing their own sex life, they are discussing some one else’.

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