Kareena Kapoor Enraged Over ?Exit? From Suddhi

Rivalry between Bollywood actresses is nothing new but Kareena has taken it another level by forcing Karan Johar to clarify that she is still the female lead in Suddhi. Karan being the good friend has posted on his micro-blogging site saying the all the talks regarding replacing Kareena are just rumors. Kareena did not stop even at this. She allegedly called Deepika who she was extremely upset with because Deepika had gone public stating that she was indeed offered the movie and has been going through the script.


Kareena and Hrithik had been dating in the past, when Suzanne, Hrithik?s ex-wife had a whiff about it, she had allegedly got married to Hrithik in haste so that her relationship with Hrithik remained intact. One has come a long way since then. Hrithik has been fresh out of a nasty divorce and Kareena has become the Begum.

Therefore, Hrithik and Kareena had no issues working together. Eager fans were very much looking forward to this charismatic pairing. Although, going by past records they have never delivered hits. Be it ?Yaadein, Main Prem Ki Deewani? Hoon. After a very long wait, audience might get to see this reel?life pair.


Kareena ?Kapoor might appreciate the? crackling chemistry between sober yet classy Saif and elegant and poised Deepika but there is no stopping the competitive rival in her when it comes to making others realize what she might do even someone makes baseless rumors which affect her image as a committed actor.

Meanwhile Karan is the one who has to bear the brunt of Kareena?s anger and is trying extremely hard to pacify Kareena and at the same time does not Deepika to remain upset with him. However, what Karan needs to understand is that it?s Bollywood, where two actresses can never be friends.

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