Ke$ha?s Quirky Hairdo ? Are those hair cornrows crazy?

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Ke$ha totally went crazy about her look when she made an appearance on the sets of her new music video, ?Crazy Kids.? On May 9 in Los Angeles, the starlet hit the set in a colorful and quirky look. Her new hairdo gave a multicolored wild shade to her personality. Those brightly colorful cornrows could throw anyone off. Ke$ha was blinged-out in her multicolored hairdo and heavy jewelry that all provided her a completely street look. She has always been amazing people with her quirky styles, whether it is of a hippy when she came to this year?s MTV Movie Awards or showing up sportingly with an eyeball manicure.

Her unique looks and colors have always mesmerized those who appreciated these looks or even those who found it somewhat weird. But, Ke$ha does not seem to ever get bothered by the comments she receives on her fashion styles. She keeps coming up with something new and fresh every time and nobody knows that she keeps planning for her next look. But through her latest style, it appears as if she has joined the wave of hair accessories and that half-shaven head stuff. As if a crazy hairstyle was not enough, she added bright cornrows and some flashy sunglasses to it.

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The same day she appeared on the sets, she shared her look from the video shoot on her Instagram account. She also tweeted to her fans, while again showing off those huge sunglasses and a few gold chains. A few minutes later, she could not keep away from sharing another picture that sported rings and some psychedelic matching nails. Her rings had the words ?crazy? and ?kid? on them. It seems obvious that she wanted to publicize her album by associating it with her crazy look.

Are you also thinking that her special street look made her unique and special, or are you in the different category that thinks she looked weird in that alien look? Many starlets like Ke$ha keep adopting different styles in fashion and that usually becomes a style statement for the whole generation. So, do you feel Ke$ha can let her style become a statement to be followed by your generation, or is her new look complex and strange? Well, everyone has his/her own opinion on it and there are as many appreciators as there are critics of this crazy personality!


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