Learning stockbroking for beginners made easy

It can be difficult sometimes for an investor to join a business school while trying to invest in stock market but if he want to face the competition bravely then this step is most important for him to be a qualified stockbroker.

Look for internships

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During your last session in the college or business school, you can search certain brokers that can offer you internship. You can easily be a successful stockbroker after getting internship with a reputed brokerage, I’m happy using CMC Markets which has advanced insights to help me make trading decisions..


Though it is not necessary to be MBA for trading in stock market or to be a stockbroker but this degree can help you in rising as high as every person in this trade wants to. After becoming a MBA you can also try for other better jobs where you can get better returns than this trade.

Educate yourself

If you do not want to join a college or business school, even then you will have to educate yourself to learn the tactics of stockbroking business. You will have to read books and other text materials of the reputed investors to educate yourself for this purpose.

Start investing

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You can also learn to be a stockbroker by starting your investment portfolio as without taking risk on your own money you cannot learn how to save it. It will also help other investors to be confident on you as you taking risk with your own money.

Open an account with a stock broker

You can open an account with an online stock broker to be familiar with the layout of the trading and research tools and ways to take their advantages, which cannot be possible otherwise.

Read articles

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You can also read some articles of some of the successful stock brokers to know the secrets behind their success. It is one of the best ways to educate you with the tricks of this trade at an earliest. You can search on Google to find such articles.

Study the strategies of past great investors

You can inspire yourself to be a good stock broker by studying the business tactics used by the great investors of yesteryears like Warren Buffet and John Templeton etc.

Search for a mentor

Search for a mentor

A good mentor with good understanding of stock market can help you become a good stock broker by answering your queries in this regard. The mentor can be anybody who has knowledge about this trade. He/she can be a friend or family member, co-worker or a past or present investor.

Study and follow market conditions

New investors can also do stockbroking by reading and following market conditions. Certain new sites like Google Finance and Yahoo Finance can help in day-to-day monitoring of the markets and expose the trends through the stories of other investors. Try to understand the irony behind stock market to become an informed investor eventually.

Subscribe for paid services

It can be useful and educational both if you pay for research and analysis of stock market. Instead of learning lessons themselves, some investors observe the professionals of the stock market to learn their business tactics.

Attend seminars

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You can get insight knowledge of certain types of investments and overall market conditions by attending seminars. Mostly the focus of these seminars stays on some strategies to be successful as well as some particular aspect of the market, which can be beneficial for you as new investor also.

Follow others to start trading

One of the best ways to be a good stock broker is to use your account with online broker and make your first trade by following other investors. You should not invest hugely to start with. You can start buying small numbers of shares like 10-20 to know the trend of the market.

Follow the Warren Buffett’s passive index concept

According to Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of yesteryears, individual investors are just passive index as they trade on their own instead of trying to beat the market.

Finally yet importantly, you need to sign up for free daily market reviews. You can do so by joining a successful forum to get reliable news about daily trends of the stock market through email or posts.

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