LGTB community– Why sexual orientation must not be allowed for judicial judgment?

Homosexual relations in India were made a criminal act in 2009by the Indian penal code. Despite the law, the attitude of the Indian society is still largely homophobic and the LGBT community faces discrimination from employers, family, and the police.



Same sex marriages are not recognized by our laws and while there is a lot of openness in the urban areas, it is still taboo in rural areas. Colloquially, they are known as hijras and they are a growing community that has their own sub culture in Indian society and they are largely organized around a community leader who they refer to as a guru.

Since many of them are often not employable by socials standards, they are often seen begging in commercial junctions and busy junctions.


Five years later, the Supreme Court has overturned their decision and ahs recriminalized homosexuality in all its forms, the court has stated that this was a miniscule minority, upholding their decision against an appeal. They are actually putting thousands of people at the risk of harassment and prosecution.

And even though this laws was originally drafted by Lord Macaulay in 1860, campaigners have dais that while there have been very few arrest in the last twenty years or so, this law has more specifically been used to intimidate and harass or black mail gay individuals.


Driving homosexuality will be counteractive to battle against Aids and also the provision of treatment to those who may be inflicted with it. Many campaigners had taken to the streets donning black armbands to express their thoughts towards the Supreme Court ruling as they now find themselves criminalized.

And while they have filed a fresh curative against the appeal of the Supreme Court, many of them are not very sure about how successful they will be. Congress leaders had alos stated that these werer matters of personal issuesnad had spoken about against it. The BJP leaders on the toher hand had mentioned that they were agaibst section 377 and felt that homosexuality was innatural-s os ti sesm that this issues has beomce a political interts with the elections only a few monath away.

Activists have stressed that the scrapping fo the laws will remain the focal inrets if amny groups, but they have begun a social movement that will engage common people towards tchangin their mind sets.

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